This page always shows my latest published shots.

If you just want to look around or are looking for different categories/genres of photos, head over to the category overview. A good first start are my own personal most favourite shots, or the category of Special Shots where I tried to create something particularly unusual or with a specific idea in mind before editing. The categories for monochromatic colours & duotone photos and the one for macro shots are also worth your first look.

There’s a chronological archive with all published shots.

If you wish to purchase the right to print any photo you see for private use, feel free to contact me at I’ll be happy to figure out with you what you want, and how it could work. For purposes outside of private spaces, please state your specific intent in your first email.

Early October 2018, first batch – The following shots are the first batch of shots from several shooting tours I went on in early October. I’m not editing the shots from these tours chronologically, so I’ll sort them in order of release here instead.

02.10.2018 – Re-edits of three old shots, one from July 2014 and two from March 2015.


01.10.2018 – I went outside to shoot new photos of myself. Damn, that was incredibly hard. I show all four final results I’ll keep here; this one gets published for it being more art than a portrait shot.


30.09.2018 – The fifth photo is a small bonus from a couple of days ago; Friday the 28th, where I took a casual shot that I looked into just by impulse after editing the shots of this shoot.




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