Navigating empowerment and isolation

I haven't lived non-monogamy for very long, only 4 years at this point, although I've had the idea around me for 12 years now, so I've been familiar with the existence of non-normative relationships for basically my entire love life. That's a privilege, as I've found. My loneliness trauma has also had a field day with it.


One of the most positive things in my life in the last couple of weeks, which has both shown me how good I'm feeling now and how much more positive everything is for me, is the incredible beauty of spring.


Vor ungefähr einer Woche ist die Beziehung mit meinem Lieblingsmenschen auf einen Höhe-, bzw. in diesem Kontext Tiefpunkt gekocht. Unserer beider Depressionen und psychischen Eigenheiten die wir uns nicht aussuchen haben sich immer mehr gegenseitig verstärkt und verschlimmert.


It took over 24 hours for my brain battery to run out of juice. I didn't sleep well, 5 hours at most waking up a lot (as always in changed environments, and this was even an entirely new one), 2 more hours over the day, and I've been among people pretty much constantly. That's... incredible. … Continue reading Family