It took over 24 hours for my brain battery to run out of juice. I didn't sleep well, 5 hours at most waking up a lot (as always in changed environments, and this was even an entirely new one), 2 more hours over the day, and I've been among people pretty much constantly. That's... incredible. … Continue reading Family

Improving lives

One of my favourite people on earth is Thomas "TomSka" Ridgewell, known for the asdf-movies on his YouTube-Channel, which was my favourite thing as a teenager and is still way high up there today. Since over a year, he releases a weekly ~30-minute-vlog on his second channel. It is full of his personal- and work-life, … Continue reading Improving lives


EDIT: Ca. einen Monat nach diesem Beitrag hat der Alkohol aufgehört zu funktionieren, also hab ich aufgehört ihn zu trinken. - Ja, es stimmt. Ich habe angefangen, Alkohol zu trinken. Ich bin noch bei wenig, ein, höchstens zwei Drinks alle 1-2 Tage im Rahmen von 10-20cl höherprozentigem (20-40%), gemischt mit Softdrinks. Ohne es zu mischen kann … Continue reading Bewältigung


Dieser Post wurde so von mir auf dem SubReddit /r/SuicideWatch veröffentlicht. Kopie kommt hier rein, der Vollständigkeit halber. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am writing this here, because until now I had a blog in german for venting or just writing about my thoughts & life, but now I'm fluent enough in english to write this kind of … Continue reading /r/SuicideWatch